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12Years in Professional Design



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Possess several years service solution in international  brand

     From HOUD established, always be customer-orient, insist on the quality as root, improve & innovate continuously, under many years hard working of employee, international company approve our products, keep  growing in double digit rate  every year.

     Provide solution & service to many international premium brand in present, for connector: State Grid Corporation of China、Eaton、Delta、HuaWei、Emerson、Philips、TCL etc.,  electro-acoustic hardware: Bose、JBL/AKG、Sennheiser、Sony etc.

     We take part in customer’s design, provide professional vision & experience, meanwhile active response、implement verification for customer’s different ideas, provide High quality product.

Famous brand in industry, patent30+, Hi-tech technology enterprise

     Houd provide high current connecting solution and electro-acoustic hardware solution, respect intellectual property, also pay attention to innovation of new technology, register products trade mark from established: ANEN, through all employee hard working, in decades developing, customer approve our brand gradually, application for UPS power, data center & server、 electrical power、communication station、industrial automation、medical device、electrical tooling、rail traffic、automotive &logistics、dock、air defense、mining、acoustics &earphone industries.

     So far, company owned patent 40+, honored of national Hi-tech science & technology company. With the great support of customer from various industries, all employee will be as always, innovate continuous, feedback old & new customer great kindness.

Factory own advanced manufacturing equipment & modernization workshop,design & process manufacturing tooling.

     So far, in developing, we provide a series of solution to customer: Design->Samples(3D print)->samples testing/verification->tooling design->develop->mass production. Regarding to the processing mode, we can provide injection、stamping、stretch、CNC、MIM etc, have rich experience in high current connector、precise terminal &electro-acoustic hardware. Company owned electric plating workshop, we can bring better experience for you, due to many years experience in product design &manufacture for international premium brand.

Address:20,lane2 ,Nanxin Road,3rd Industrial Zone, Nanzha,Humen Town Dongguan, Guangdong, China
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