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◆: Voltage Ratings:600V
◆: Contact Barrel Wire Size :150~240mm²
◆: Contact Materal:Copper, Plated With Silver Or Tin
◆: Insulation Material:PA
◆: Insulation Resistance:5000MΩ
◆: Flammability:UL94 V-0
◆: Environment Temperatures:-20···+75 Degree
Product Detail

IC600 Connector Installation

1.Fast and soft plug and unplug

2.Double crown spring contact, low resistance, good temperature rise performance

3.Anti aging, high toughness, wear resistance

4.Impact resistance

5.Dustproof, waterproof, corrosion resistant,

6.High temperature resistance

7.Anti touch, withstand voltage, high safety factor

8.Color-coded, double protection, anti retention function

IC600 Connector Applications

High Power,Rapid Insertion& Extraction Full Series Interconnection Slutions.

Applicable to power plant, emergency generator, power supply unit, power grid, dock and mining industry etc.

Anen Power Industrial Connector Series are specially formed, resilient strips of copper alloy which are silver or gold plated according to their application. By its constant spring pressure the connector maintains continuous contact with the contact surface, resulting in a low constant contact resistance.

Anen technology of the industrial connector allows us to meet a very broad range of requirements and to find solutions to the most severe constraints, including electrical (up to several kA), thermal(up to 350 degree), and mechanical, with contact durability of up to 1 million mating cycles.

IC600 Connector Parameter

Rated Current600A
Rated Voltage1000V
Wire Size (AWG)150~240mm²
Contact MateralCopper, Plated With Silver
Insulation MaterialPA
FlammabilityUL94 V-0
Without Load, Contact/Disconnect CyclesTo 5,000
With Load (Hot Plug 250 Cycles & 120V)NO
Average Contact Resistance (Mico - Ohms)12
Insulation Resistance5000
Average Connection/ Disconnect (N)


Insulation Withstanding Test Voltage(Volts AC/DC)3000 V AC
Environment Temperatures-20···+75 Degree


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