Module Power Connector-DJL11-13


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Module Power Connector-DJL11-13

Guiding connection design with low and soft crimping force

Low contact resistance and high current conductivity capability

Anti vibration and strong impact resistanc

Smooth arc contact surface and high dynamic contact reliability

High insulation, resistance and high temperature resistance

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DJL series connector module power supply interface special products, and in 2011 passed UL safety certification ( E319259), This series of products adopt the advanced technology of the hyperboloid of one sheet type wire spring hole and  jack hole for contact, so the product has high dynamic contact reliability.

This series products of contact with gold or silver plated surface treatment; the plug pin, jack socket device, the terminal is press-fit, welding and board ( PCB ) three type .

This series products of each type of pin usually have three lengths can be selected, respectively is the long pin, standard type pin and short pin, to meet the needs of users of different needs; can also be based on user requirements custom.

Note: Spring crown material selection is the high elasticity, high strength beryllium bronze. With spring crown structure with smooth arc contact face jack, plug is soft, and can ensure the maximum contact surface. Thus the spring crown structure of the jack contact resistance is low ( low pressure ), the temperature rise is small, and seismic resistance, anti-vibration ability is very high, so the spring crown structure of the products with high dynamic contact reliability.

Technical Parameters
Rated current (Amperes) 0#:150A    12#:35A 
Rated voltage (Volts) 0#:400V 12#:250V
Contact Barrel Wire Size (AWG) 0 AWG/12AWG
Contact material Copper 、Plate with silver
Insulation material PBT+30%GF
Flammability UL94 V-0
Mechanical life 500
Humidity 90%--95%(40℃±2℃)
Vibration 10Hz~500Hz,Acceleration 98m/s2
Working  Temperature(°C) -55°C...+125°C

Electrical characteristics

Product model Contact part Specification Pin Hole number Rated current(A) Average contact resistance(mΩ) voltage resistance(VAC) Insulation Resistance(MΩ)
DJL11-13 0# 10 1~10 150 ≤0.5 ≥2000 ≥3000
12# 3 11~13 35 ≤1 ≥2000 ≥3000
DJL11-13T  Size

DJL11-13Z  Size

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