power connector standards are becoming more and more picky

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power connector standards are becoming more and more picky



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power connector standards are becoming more and more picky

The production of high standard and high quality power connector is not only the benefit of the production enterprises must, but also the use of enterprises continue to develop high-tech products and equipment needs.Meet the needs of customers is the goal of the producers, and the development of customer synchronization, as the driving force of producers to improve the quality of products, with the need of actual production, naturally there will be progress of connector and the adaptation, this is what brings to the enterprise market opportunities, it is also the opportunity and challenge for the development of manufacturing enterprises, constantly progress which is the most important mission and responsibility.

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Industrial production is an important part of the national economy, and the continuous innovation and automation of industrial production promote the application of digital technology in production, all of which rely on the basic function of the transmission of connectors to achieve.A large mechanical operation process, there will be countless connections at the same time, as a numerical control machine tool, after starting the computer core systems will be comprehensively through the calculation of the product itself is after finishing, feedback to the console, operating personnel in the console by pressing the button for operation control, the process, signal and data are completely rely on the connector for transmission, the accuracy of transmission accuracy are the important guarantee of numerical control operation and complete the task.

Factors influencing the quality of production power connector is very huge, qualified products, high performance products in the process of work can get very good using effect, is also advantageous to enhance the efficiency of production, auxiliary tools, is in the critical moment of problematic power connector, the impact on the production will be very obvious, generally companies will prepare some spare connector, but for the problematic connector products, bring unnecessary loss, it's hard to measure, sometimes it is the problem of the power connector, in particular, and under the illusion that a mechanical problem,That's going to be more trouble, worse effects.

The development of modern production requires higher and higher standards for connecting products. There are more verifications in the three basic properties of the connector. First, the mechanical properties of the power connector, and then the electrical properties and environmental adaptability.Three kinds of performance are up to the standard is a good product, three kinds of performance is not up to the standard is not a good product, the pursuit of high-end quality is the way out of enterprise development.

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