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PogoPin power connector



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PogoPin power connector

           With the development of Chinese economy and technology, there are more and more PogoPin in our daily application, the range of application of PogoPin is extensive. The PogoPin also is called spring needle. Let me introduce the form and effect of PogoPin.

        PogoPin power connector is a hardware for conducting current and transmitting signals. It is called signal pin. It can realize the conductive function, it is anti-corrosion, and it has high stability and high durability. And how does it make up?

         The PogoPin is formed by the needle shaft, the spring and the needle tube. The internal structure is the precise spring structure. The manufacturer of PogoPin will make its surface gold plated, improving its anti-corrosion function, mechanical properties and electrical performance, etc. The needle has pointed needle, claw type needle, round head needle, knife type needle, etc. Because of its special and precise structure, so it is widely used in precision connector. To a great extent, it can reduce the weight of the connector and the v

Pogopin connector

olume of the appearance. It can make the intelligent device become more delicate and beautiful.

         Nowadays, PogoPin can be used in a large number of industries. With the wide use of electronic devices, especially the popularization of mobile terminal devices, PogoPin is indispensable for many products. For example, the antenna that is used to receive signals inside the cell phone will be used to make mobile phone signal transmission device. The advantage is that it has strong anti-interference ability and low inductance. In addition to cell phone, it can be seen on a lot of wearable devices, for example: smart watches, smart bracelet, smart shoes, locator, bluetooth headset, smart bags and other pr

Pogopin connector

oducts. In addition to these, PogoPin is widely used in smart home, medical equipment, industrial equipment, unmanned aerial vehicle, intelligent robot, vehicle navigation, military communication, aerospace and other technologies.

Believe that you have a preliminary understanding about the composition and function of  PogoPin. If you want to know more about PogoPin, please consult the Houd industrial international Co., Ltd., which is a professional manufacturer to research and develop PogoPin. Good quality of processing and production, rich customization experience, high market share, we warmly welcome you to visit our factory.



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