The Methods of Surface Treatment

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The Methods of Surface Treatment



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The Methods of Surface Treatment

           At present, the surface treatment has some traditional methods, such as surfacing, thermal spraying, brush electroplating and so on. They often cannot adapt to the needs of modern industry. As some sensitive metal parts in temperature, it can make the surface of parts reach high temperature, cause deformation or cracks, affect the dimensional precision of parts and normal use, and also cause shaft fracture. Although brush electroplating has no heat effect, the thickness of the clad layer cannot too thick, the pollution is serious, and the application is greatly restricted.

           Nowadays, the western countries have developed the surface treatment method of polymer composites for the disadvantages. The comprehensive properties of materials and the superiority of mechanical processing not only can completely satisfy the usage requirements and the precision after repair, but also reduce the equipment under the impact of vibration in the operation, extend the service life. The material is a "variable" relationship, when external force shocks material, the material will distort and absorb external force, and with the bearings or other parts of swell-shrink, it will change. It always keeps fit with components, reduces the risk of abrasion. In allusion to the abrasion of the large equipment, it also can use "mould" or "matching parts" for damaged equipment in on-site repair to avoid the whole disassembly of equipment, maximize the guarantee of parts dimension, satisfy the requirement of the equipment operation, prolong the service life of equipment, ensure the safety of the enterprise continuous production. In the application of domestic surface treatment, polymer composites play an increasingly important role.

The Methods of Surface Treatment  



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