A memorable Mid-Autumn dinner in NBC company

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A memorable Mid-Autumn dinner in NBC company



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A memorable Mid-Autumn dinner in NBC company

On September 22, 2018, under the organization of Mr chairman Li, all the staff of NBC Electronic company held the Mid-Autumn party on the rooftop of company's R&D department, celebrating the annual Mid-Autumn festival in advance.

The Mid-Autumn Festival,Celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month in Chinese lunar calendar,is an important traditional festivity second only to the Spring Festival. In this day,people ,espically family members will have a happy get-together.So Chinese people vaule this festival for its important meaning of "reunion".And the mooncake is the symbolic food.It represents the "reunion" just like the full moon.

Usually,the company gives mooncakes to employees as presents to show its care for them.This time,NBC team was much creative, arranged a western-style dinner to celebrate the traditional festival of China. In recent years, the company commit to the development of foreign markets,and try to push our own brand “ANEN” connector around the world.So the dinner which combined Chinese and western culture made the staff feel the harmonious blend of these two different cultures and deeply understood the company's internationalization strategy.

That night, a bright moon hung in the blue sky,romantic music rang on the rooftop,people used the Western cutlery and enjoyed delicious desserts, steaks ,roasted wings and fruits, Toast each other from time to time.The company's leadership also extended good wishes to everyone, wish each other a happy holiday,wish the company a booming development  and wish the country prosperity!

Everyone had a good time and the atmosphere was very warm.What an unforgettable night!

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