The Vigorous Development of Stamping Parts

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The Vigorous Development of Stamping Parts



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The Vigorous Development of Stamping Parts

             The Houd Industrial International Co., Ltd., belongs to the manufacturing industry of stamping parts processing. It is one of the important parts of the machine manufacturing industry, the precision manufacturing is an important foundation of advanced manufacturing. To achieve the strategic goal of manufacturing power, our country has issued a series of industrial policy, promoting the transformation of manufacturing to advanced manufacturing. The equipment manufacturing and precision electronic components manufacturing are the key support areas of policy, it brings the good opportunity for the development of our company.Stamping Parts

             As the global industrial automation, intelligent level and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, precision electronics are used widely in the automotive industry, aerospace, information processing equipment industry, household electrical appliances industry, electronic audio and video industry, industrial automation, financial terminals, and medical apparatus and instruments, etc. The application of precision electronic will be continued to expand, the development space of the market is huge, so as to further expand global high-precision electronic market demand space.

              Nowadays, new energy vehicles is in the period of vigorous development of our country to reduce emissions from cars and  dependence on oil, so grasping the opportunities of the development of new energy vehicles, also developing new energy vehicles. The connector delivers power and signal, which is the core component of the new energy vehicle. With the rapid development of the new energy automobile business, the market demand of connector terminal is expanding rapidly.

              In global economic integration and the pattern of socialized fine division of labor, which requires the precision electronic stamping parts enterprises research and develop in the design of products, proprietary technology, critical materials and intelligent automation production line. It needs to have very strong professional design and development.

              Houd industrial international Co., Ltd., has experienced engineering team of mould design, breaking through the difficulties about stamping technology, and we can produce various kinds of stamping parts.

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