The function of the sound mesh

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The function of the sound mesh



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The function of the sound mesh

The mesh outside the sound is called the sound mesh, and the common materials are mainly plastic and metal punching mesh, with more round hole mesh, square hole mesh andsound mesh hexagonal mesh. The function of it is that it make the sound of the loudspeaker spread out, and to protect the sound box against dust. The sound mesh is made by stainless steel aluminum plate or plastic materials. Metal sound mesh is mainly applicable to the digital products, electronic products and communication equipment and other industries, such as mobile phones, cameras, DVD, computer, speakers, loudspeaker box, etc., it is the best materials for dust-proof mesh in communication products. The type of metal sound mesh are: aluminum plate sound mesh, stainless steel sound mesh, cold–rolling sound mesh. The surface color can be modulated according to customer's requirement. The back of the sound mesh can be equipped with a dust-proof gauze and all kinds of double-sided adhesive. All materials and productive processes are environmentally friendly, and relevant certification information can be provided. If you want to know more about sound mesh, please consult the Houd industrial international Co., Ltd.(NBC), which is a professional manufacturer to research and develop sound mesh. Good quality of processing and production, rich customization experience, high market share, we warmly welcome you to visit our factory.

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