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What is combustibility of the connector?

Every connector work with electricity , which may cause fire, so connector should be fire-resistance. It is suggested to select power connector which made by flame retardance and self-extinguishment materials.

What are the influence of environmental parameter to connector?

Environmental parameter includes temperature,humidity, temperature change, atmospheric pressure and corrosion environment. As transport and storage environment has significant impact on connector, the selection of connector must be based on actual environment.

What are the categories of connectors?

Connectors can classified into high-frequency connector and low-frequency connector based on frequency. It can also be classified based on the shape into round conncetor and rectangular connector. According to the usage, connectors can use on printed board,equipment cabinet,sound equipment, power connector and other special use.

What is pre-insulated connection?

Pre-insulated connection is also called insulation displacement contact, which is invented in 1960s in the U.S. It has features like high reliability, low cost, easy to use, etc. This technology has been widely used in board interface connector. It is suitable for the connection of tape cable. There is no need to remove insulating layer on the cable, because it relies on the U-shaped contact spring , which can penetrate to insulating layer, make conductor get into the groove and locked in the groove of contact spring, so that ensure electric conduction between conductor and leaf spring is tight. Pre-insulated connection only involves simple tools, but cable with rated wire gauge is required.

What are the methods to joint connector?

Methods include weld, pressure welding, wire-wrap connection, pre-insulated connection, and screw fastening.

What should be considered about the environment temperature of connector?

The working temperature depends on metal material and insulation material of the connector. High temperature may destroy insulation material, which reduce insulation resistance and  insulation withstanding test voltage;To metal, high temperature can make contact point lose elasticity,accelerate oxidation and make cladding material turn metamorphic. In general, the environment temperature is between -55

What is mechanical life of connector?

Mechanical life is the total times to plug and unplug. In general, Mechanical life is between 500 to 1000 times. Before reach the mechanical life, average contact resistance, insulation resistance and insulation withstanding test voltage should not exceed rated value.

What is the usage of terminal in water heater?

What are the strengths of board interface industrial connector?

ANEN board interface industrial connector has adopted integrated structure, customers can easily follow the hole size on the specification to trepan and fasten.

What is the meaning of “MIM”

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a metalworking process in which finely-powered metal is mixed with binder material to create a “feedstock”that is then shaped and solidified using injection molding.It’s a high technology that has developed quickly during these years.

What are the strengths of IC Series industrial connectors?

Does male of IC600 connector be damaged if falling down from different heights?

No, male of IC600 connector has been tested under

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