Power Connector performance is limited, so this is the place where the problem!

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Power Connector performance is limited, so this is the place where the problem!



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Power Connector performance is limited, so this is the place where the problem!

Power Connector is a very important kind of electronic components, often in the circuit plays an important role in connection, used to transmit signals and current, producers continue to improve their level, to make a variety of humanized design.But sometimes when you do a solution, you will find that the performance of some connectors is always limited, and it will not work. How about this?

Connector performance

The people who are engaged in the connector industry all know that the connector mainly has three basic performance: mechanical performance, environmental performance, electrical performance;Mechanical performance and environmental performance belong to external performance, while electrical performance belongs to internal performance, which is also the core of function display. However, external performance is the basic guarantee, and they complement each other to complete the work together.Only by orderly combination of the three can high efficiency be achieved, and without any link of the three, performance will be limited or even destructive.

The mechanical properties of connectors mainly have two aspects of characteristics, that is, insertion and separation, the process of insertion is to be convenient, labor-saving, and separation is divided into two cases, 1, active separation, that is, we take the initiative to disconnect;2. Passive separation is caused by the force exerted on the port by objective factors, which causes the connection to fall off and easily leads to poor contact;Therefore, the design goal of insertion and separation is different. The smaller the force, the better. However, it is not easy to disconnect.

The environmental performance of connector is adaptability, it needs to adapt to all kinds of harsh environment, such as: wet, high temperature environment, the stronger the ability to adapt to harsh environment, the more in line with the actual production.There is also the electrical performance, this should pay attention to is rated resistance and rated voltage do not exceed the standard, in strict accordance with the Power connector specification, or easy to burn phenomenon.

power connector

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