Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

 Employee care


>  Assure employee’s health and welfare.

>  make more opportunity for employees to realize their potential.

>  improve employee’s happiness

     HOUD(NBC)pay attention to employee’s ethic education and compliance, and their health and welfare, offer comfortable working environment and atmosphere to ensure hard-working people can be reasonably rewarded in time.  With the continuous improvement of the company, we pay attention on employee’s career development program, make more opportunity for them to realize their personal value, their dream.

— Salary

     Comply with government’s regulation, we offer salary will be never less than government’s minimum wage requirement, and at the same time,  competitive salary structure will be implemented.

— Welfare

     HOUD(NBC) prepared inclusive employee security system, employee’s law-abiding and self-discipline is encouraged. To improve employee’s initiative and creativity, incentive program as financial awards, administrative awards and special contribution award was setup. And at the same time we have annual awards as “management innovation and rationalization proposal award

— Health Care

     OT should be based on employee’s voluntary, everyone should have at least a day off every week. Preparing for production peak, cross job training program will assure employee could respond to other job duties. On employee’s working pressure, in HOUD(NBC), supervisor’s were asked to take care of employee’s physical and mental health, organize activities sometimes to improve superior-subordinate communication, organize team building activities to improve team atmosphere, increase understanding and trust and team cohesion.

     Annul free physical examination is offered, health problem founded will be traced and guidance will be offered.




 >  Implement “safety, environmental, reliable, energy-saving” strategy

 >  Make environmental products,

 >  Implementing energy-saving and emission reduction to respond the climate change.

     HOUD(NBC) comprehensively paid attention on requirements of environment, properly and effectively used our energy, resource to reduce our cost and improve environmental benefits. Continuously reducing the negative environmental influence by innovation to push low-carbon development.

— Energy conservation and emission reduction

      Main energy consumption in HOUD(NBC): Production and residential power consumption, residential LPG consumption, diesel oil.

— Sewage

     Main water pollution: domestic sewage

— Noise pollution

     Main noise pollution are from: air compressor, slitter.

— waste

     Including recyclable, dangerous waste, and common waste. Mainly: odd bits, failed products, abandoned equipment/container/material, waste packing material, waste stationery, waste paper/lubricants/cloth/light/battery, domestic garbage.


Customer communication


     HOUD(NBC) insist on customer orientation, by farther communication to deeply understand customer’s expectation, proactively to assume commitment. To improve customer satisfaction, customer service, to approach long term co-operation and win-win with customer.

     HOUD(NBC) lead customers expectation into products layout and improvement, assure customer’s application can be response in time,  quickly feed customer need, to make more value for customer.


Interpersonal communication


There’s formal and informal communication in HOUD(NBC). Employee can present their complaint or suggestin directly to his/her supervisor or to higher management. Suggestion box is placed to collection voice from employees at all level,


 Fair business


Attention was paid on law, honest and business ethic education. Protect own copyright and respect others copyright. Construct effective and transparent business anti-corruption system,


Copy right


     HOUD(NBC) is careful on core technical accumulation and intellectual property protection. R&D investment were never less than 15% of annual sales, take a part in carrying out international standard. Respect other’s intellectual property, with a open, friendly attitude to, comply and apply international intellectual property rules,

     Through negotiate、cross license、co-operation etc. solve intellectual property problem. Meanwhile with regard to infringement act, NBC will depend on legal arm to safeguard ourselves interests.


Safely operation


HOUD(NBC) take “safety first priority, focus on precaution” policy, by implementation of career health and safety management training, lay down management rules and operation direction to improve production safety and accidents.


Society welfare


HOUD(NBC) is an advocate of science and technology, talents cultivation, improving employment. Active on public welfare, return society, contribution for local area to act a responsible enterprise and citizens.

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