The annual meeting of NBC 2018

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The annual meeting of NBC 2018



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The annual meeting of NBC 2018

Time flies, 2017 has passed, and the year of 2018 is coming. The New Year brings new goals and hopes.NBC annual meeting was held on February 3, 2018 on the third floor in longquan international hotel humen town in dongguan , enjoying the party with the scene of more than 200 staffs and leaders.NBC Group attended the party who are chairman , operations director, technical director, marketing director and other group management.

First of all, the chairman Mr.Lizhigao of the company said the opening words.Further more, the leaders award the prize of excellent staff, good progress, model workers, who encouraged the winning employees avoid arrogance playing a model leading role in the New Year and make new contributions.

The annual meeting program was fascinating and excited.The funny shows were opening dance , jazz dance, beautiful female sing solo, handsome man solo, sweet chorus,funny sketch and so on.What’s more,we had the link of lucky draw , following the third prize, second prize, first prize, special-class award of extraction, we were continuously lifted the climax of the annual conference.The annual meeting not only bring laughter and laughter, but also made colleagues close to each other.The company's leaders and staffs had friendly interaction, exciting lucky draw activities,which made the voice of singing, applause, the cheers all the time in the venue.The  whole conference was so harmony in NBC family.

The 2017 has passed, and with hope and challenge of 2018 comes. In the past year we had ever smile, hard, and also harvest.Faced to 2018, we are full of hope and passion, let’s fight for a better tomorrow starting the distribution for NBC.

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Address:20,lane2 ,Nanxin Road,3rd Industrial Zone, Nanzha,Humen Town Dongguan, Guangdong, China
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