2016-2017 China Southern Power Grid plans to invest 27 billion for power grid reconstruction

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2016-2017 China Southern Power Grid plans to invest 27 billion for power grid reconstruction



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2016-2017 China Southern Power Grid plans to invest 27 billion for power grid reconstruction

     At present, the central village in the power supply area of South China Power Grid mainly has such problems as insufficient power supply capacity, imperfect space truss structure and low equipment technical level. The plan aims to achieve the following objectives through two years of upgrading:

     One is to further improve the power supply capacity of the central village, to achieve "village to village power transmission", the basic realization of medium voltage distribution network trunk line, increase the substation and distribution points, all solve the central village power supply "neck" problem and low voltage problem.

     Two is to improve the grid structure, the central village distribution network using typical wiring.

     Three is to improve equipment technology level, basic elimination of S7 (S8) type high loss transformer, greatly improve the distribution automation coverage, smart meter coverage, low voltage copy coverage rate and distribution communication network coverage.

     Four is to meet the needs of electricity demand in poor areas, improve the overall level of the poor areas of the grid.

     The transformation of power, for user's convenience, quick plug and conductive, the power board will power cars from the original copper lock mode, gradually changed to a quick connecting device, ANEN IC series of products are so widely used the emergency power supply vehicle and small electrical cabinet.

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Address:11F,Jingang Tower,No.55 Ona Road,Pilot Free Trade Zone.Shanghai,China
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